Maintenance should be performed as noted by the manufactures manual. Tuning a car improves performance, gas mileage and also helps prevent undo strain on other components of you vehicle, potentially saving you thousands in major repairs.

If your car needs a tune-up we can perform the following maintenance as needed:

  • Radiator Flush
  • Transmission Flush
  • Check and adjust Ignition Timing (if applicable)
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Inspect Spark plug Wires
  • Rotate Tires
  • Inspect brake pads, Rotors and drums
  • Lubricate Parking/emergency brake cables and check
  • Replace EGR/PCV Valve
  • Scan Electronic control module for fault codes
  • Inspect spare tires
  • Load test Battery & test the charging system
  • Replace o2 sensor if needed (additional charges may apply)
  • Inspect for exhaust leaks
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Clean Fuel Injectors
  • Inspect Steering and suspension components
Tune-Ups Specialist