Change engine oil light

Doing routine maintenance regularly is the number one way to keep your car running smoothly, and minimizing the risk of costly repairs in the future. We recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles with Conventional oil and every 6,000 miles with Synthetic oils. You may want to consider changing your oil more frequently if:

  • You accelerate fast, high speed driving
  • Your Climate is extremely hot or cold
  • You drive on dirt or gravel roads
  • Your engine is old and consumes or leaks oil
  • You tow trailers or carry heavy loads

Changing your oil is the cheapest insurance you can buy when it comes to maintaining your vehicle


What sets us apart from other repair shops?

  • Use Quality Oil and Filters
  • Grease the Chassis where needed
  • Inspect all Fluids (Brake, Anti-Freeze, Windshield Washer, Steering & Transmission Fluids)
  • Inspect Tire Condition
  • Check Tire pressure
  • Inspect the engine compartment for leaks
  • Inspect Belts, Hoses & Wiring
  • Check Lights
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Check Belts
  • Check Air Filter
  • Visually inspect Battery

All waste oils and fluids are disposed of properly helping keep the environment the way we found it!