What’s better than a car the Goes? …. A car that Stops!

It’s time to immediately bring your Vehicle to Bi-State if:

  • You hear Squeaks, squealing or grinding noise when braking.
  • Your Brake pedal nearly touches the floor before brakes start to function.
  • Your Vehicle pulls to one side when brakes are applied.
  • Your brake pedal, steering wheel, or entire car shakes, vibrates or pulsates when braking.
  • Brake Pedal requires extreme pressure to brake properly and under control.
  • Your Brake Pedal is “Touchy” or grabs with little pressure.
  • Sticking brakes, Hot wheels/rims or vehicle seems to have lost power.
  • Poor gas mileage.
  • Other vehicles around you seem to be able to stop quicker and with less effort.
  • Just because you want to make sure your family is riding in a safe vehicle.

Brakes are not something to take for granted. Having your brake system checked and maintained by a professional can be a matter of life and death. Having Bi-State Auto check and maintain your brake system and components can mean the difference between a split second hard braking non-event, vs. a fender bender, up to a major accident.

Bi-State offers the best in brake service and maintenance. We use only the best quality components and brake pads designed for your car and driving style.

We Service all Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)

What is “ABS”? and, why is my “ABS” Light on?

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an automobile safety system that allows the wheels on a motor vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking, preventing the wheels from locking up (ceasing rotation) and avoiding uncontrolled skidding.

Under normal braking you should not notice any difference between an ABS braking system and conventional braking system. However, under a heavy braking situation “Slamming on the Brakes” the ABS system will activate when a wheel attempts to lock-up or the car skids. Typically in this situation the driver will hear a clicking noise from the brake pedal or from under the hood. This is the ABS System taking control and allowing the driver to make a controlled stop while maintaining adequate steering, helping you avoid an object in front of you.

As of 2012 Auto manufacturers are now mandated by federal law to install ABS Brake Systems. Prior to 2012 there were some vehicles being manufactured without ABS, although many car manufactures made the ABS systems Standard equipment years previous to the mandate.

Not all ABS systems operate or function the same way, At Bi-State Auto our technicians are trained to identify the style of system installed in your car and are qualified to repair all ABS brake systems.

If the ABS Light is on in your vehicle, the brakes will continue to operate. However, the ABS system has encountered a malfunction and has returned your braking system into a conventional braking system. You lose all the benefits and safety from the ABS system, and it will need to be serviced immediately. Bi-State Auto can get your car fixed and back on the road quickly! Call us Today!